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Scott Wolfe, MD | Upper Extremity Surgeon

Dr. Scott Wolfe is acknowledged to be one of the most experienced, innovative and authoritative experts in orthopedic upper extremity care. He maintains an active practice and teaches students daily as a Cornell Medical School Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. He is recognized for his expertise in the wrist and complex nerve injuries, fracture care, and for his leadership in improving the surgical education, skill level, and techniques practiced by the most up-to-date hand surgeons. As lead author, he has published well over 100 major papers throughout his 25 year career in the most respected, peer-reviewed, American medical journals. His career goal is to help achieve consistently superior patient outcomes in hand and nerve surgery.

Dr. Wolfe is frequently called upon to operate on highly complex and problematic conditions. He treats upper extremity problems that are incapacitating to the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and the plexus in patients of all ages. World class musicians and professional athletes have had their mobility restored through the care of Dr. Wolfe, who has consistently been rated as one of New York's best doctors for over twenty years.

Patient Reviews

4 months ago

Dr. Wolfe is a doctor's doctor. We brought our 13 yo daughter to see him for a second opinion about her wrist after a local hand surgeon recommended arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Wolfe suggested observation which was a welcome surprise. If she needs surgery in the future, I would only use him. Excellent PA, thorough examination and review of five years of records and scans. Highly recommend.

-Jeffrey Piermont

4 months ago

The best. He was so wonderful and helped me with my broken elbow. Now I am pain free and feeling great.

-Dan Merrigan

A year ago

On my honeymoon I met an Orthopedic Surgeon who recommended that I visit HSS to discuss my scaphoid non-union. I made the appt and met Dr. Wolfe and it was immediately apparent that he is the best in his field. He surgically repaired my non-union (which was already treated with surgery by another doctor). My scaphoid is now healed. I learned that there are doctors and then there are doctors who are the best in their field. His reputation speaks for itself and I consider myself lucky to have been treated by him.

-Lauren Bove

A year ago

Dr. Wolfe rebuilt my left wrist and gave me my fingers back. Several tendons had ruptured, the wrist was severely damaged by RA. I found him (divine guidance, perhaps?) he agreed to do the surgery, which was very last minute and only days before Christmas. That day he was scheduled to go on vacation. He spent about five hours in surgery meticulously repairing things, removing things, transferring tendons and more. My fingers have excellent function, are strong and very mobile. Stunningly successful results. Best of all Dr. Wolfe and his staff are genuine, compassionate and caring individuals.

-Ricki Josephberg

2 years ago

Dr. Wolfe came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. The surgery that he performed on my fingers was extraordinary. Also it is important to mention that he recommended hand therapy for two years to see if surgery could be avoided. You know you have a good surgeon when they don't push to operate. I mean come on that's what surgeons do, the mediocre ones,they encourage you to operate. Also, his office is very well run with no wait time for your appointment. He has a very personable staff as well.

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